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Jeff Lupient, MN Native and Executive Manager of Jim Lupient Infiniti

Jeff Lupient from MN first started working in the automotive retail business when he was only 15 years old. He cut his teeth in the business by working in the family’s chain of dealerships. Refusing to be handed success on a silver plate, Jeff Lupient worked his way up to a management role and later made a name for himself.

It should come off as no surprise that one of the most decorated dealers from the Lupient Automotive Group is Jeff Lupient. While in MN, Jeff completed his degree in political science from Hamline University in St. Paul and continued his professional development at the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Dealer Academy. There, Jeff already showed strong potential, being elected the Vice President of his graduating class.

Before becoming Executive Manager of Jim Lupient Infiniti in Golden Valley, Jeff Lupient served as the dealership manager at Lupient Buick Pontiac GMC. His role as Executive Manager of Jim Lupient Infiniti, however, brought him the biggest success in his career thus far; Jim Lupient Infiniti was awarded the Infiniti Award of Excellence for three consecutive years, a distinction not achieved by any other Infiniti dealership in the Midwest.

Now, top-notch customer service has become synonymous with the name of Jeff Lupient, from MN where he worked at Lupient Buick Pontiac GMC and Jim Lupient Infiniti, to Lupient Nissan in Rochester. Jeff Lupient believes that exciting business opportunities await those who want to tread down the same path.

Having worked from a young age, Jeff Lupient saw the evolution of car use in the country. If cars were considered a luxury back then, now anyone, even the average citizen, has the means to drive home their dream car. Jeff always believed that there is a car for everyone. As a dealer, Jeff Lupient has made it his business to match and balance the customers’ needs and preferences with their wants.

So what makes one dealer more successful than the other? Aside from customer service, Jeff Lupient advises investing in marketing. Now that social media is dominating the digital landscape, dealers must raise their game and be as present as possible with its customers.

Visit the blog page to read more from Jeff Lupient. His time in MN working for Lupient Buick Pontiac GMC and Jim Lupient Infiniti brought him many insights he wishes to share on his blog.