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Jeff Lupient MN on Common Sales Tactics

Jeff Lupient MN on Common Sales Tactics

Jeff Lupient, MN Veteran Car Dealer: Why You Shouldn’t Resort to The Bait and Switch Sales Tactic

Jeff Lupient from MN first started working in the automotive retail business when he was only 15 years old. He shares his experience and lessons as a dealership manager in this blog.

These days, car dealerships get a bad rap. Buyers usually think of snake oil salesmen who are only out for their money. Jeff Lupient, from MN and a known name in the industry, laments the poor reputation car salesmen get while pointing out the fact that any industry will always have its share of bad apples. He admits that dealing used cars is a tough business to be in, where success largely lies in referrals, word-of-mouth marketing, and a trustworthy reputation. He discourages anyone who’s in the same line of business from resorting to the “Bait and Switch” sales tactic, as it negatively affects everyone in the industry.

Bait and Switch Sales Tactic

What is the bait and switch? This sales tactic may be more familiar to you than you think.

“The bait and switch is a two-step sales tactic,” explains Jeff Lupient. “Whether in MN or anywhere in the country, the dealer will first try to bait you by falsely advertising its inventory. For instance, they may advertise a car for an unbelievably low price on the paper or its website. Naturally, the customer is interested in getting a good deal. So, they go to the dealership, only to find out that the car is no longer available or the price isn’t as advertised. In this example, the bait is successful, because the dealership was able to lure the customer to visit the store.”

“Now, here comes the switch,” shares Jeff Lupient. “The dealership would then offer a similar car to the customer, usually a more expensive one. Because the customer had already traveled all the way to the dealership, he/she is now in a more vulnerable position to take the offer. Imagine yourself as the customer: you came for nothing, but now you’ll be leaving without a new set of wheels? That’s the bait and switch.”

Indeed, the experience is common, and not just at car dealerships. With any product or good, when we feel inconvenienced or disappointed for not having our expectations met, we don’t realize how easily we feel satisfied when presented with an alternative — even if the alternative was never part of the equation in the first place.

Jeff Lupient further explains that we shouldn’t think of the bait, or the visit to the store, as a sunk cost. When we start to think it is, that’s when we find ourselves in a position to fall for the switch.

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